Monday, January 24, 2011

Get a Move On, Woman!

Dear world.

I have decided, after much inner monologue and debate in my head, that this blog thing needs to happen. The idea, originally, was to procrastinate/stalk other people/possibly keep others informed of my brillantly-adventurous life and allow them to live vicariously through me.

Ready? Here goes...

This is me.

I am 26 years old [turning 27 this year in March. It might as well be 30. Oh dear. 30. Thirrrrty. I take it back. 27 will be just fine]. Currently, my life feels a little slow and breezey, simply because I just finished my masters degree. I have been studying full time for seven years, and while working full time - not including my eighteen months of serving a mission. In summary, I have been rather busy for the past decade, and now I don't know what to do with myself! Write a book? Start a PhD? Climb Mount Kosciuszko? Oh the choices :)

This is Matthew.

Gosh, babe, you could smile! Say hello to the nice people, Matthew!

Okay. You can kiss me.

He is also 26 years old. Can you guess who is older? This giant hunk of a man [6 foot 7!!] wanted to marry me. He wanted to marry me so badly that he swept me off to Adelaide. Or is that kidnapped me from Sydney? He is studying Physiotherapy, with only a little over a year to go - a profession which suits him fine. Combine those skills (mmm ... those skills ... ) with his passion and ability in sport, and BOOM. An enjoyable career to support his loving wife in her many shopping endeavours. HA. How terribly untrue.

We are currently living in a roof space.

It's it lovely? It is an upgrade from our last temporary home - a lounge room.

All brought to you by Soininen family members, who are hospitable and considerate to us newlyweds. I have noticed such hospitality and consideration many times in this family. It is clearly a benefit in (a) having lots of family members, and (b) having lots of family members live in close proximity.

The family we are currently living with is lovely. They have six boys. They also have a loud dog, who likes to bark at the swimming pool.

Their youngest boy - William aka Will aka Wilbur Woo Woo - loves me. Well, I'm not entirely sure, but he sure loves saying my name. We turned up to Sacrament Meeting once during the opening prayer, and Will spotted us approaching the door, and started shouting my name over and over. Freja! Freja! Freejjjaa! It's a regular occurrance. I'm a celebrity, and all (even during the prayer) are entitled to know of my arrival to church. He also calls Matt 'Freja'. He'll run up to Matthew, hug his legs, and say 'Freja!'

What can I say? We are one. One in our little roof space.

** I accept no responsibility for inaccurate photographs or descriptions of our living quarters, past and present.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

For my very own wall.

Here is a sneak peak at some fabulous photos about to come our way.

I was very happy with the photographer we decided to go with.

I simply cannot wait to have lots and lots of gorgeously framed photos to hang up. I wants lots of black and white ones. Black frames. White frames. A few gilded frames.

Oh, and a wall of my own to hang them up on.
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