Wednesday, June 22, 2011

look what the mailman brought me

I caved.  I gave in.  And Matthew is more than delighted!

I ordered a phone. 
And not just any phone - but the smartest smartphone there is on the market.
It is set to start the evolution of Android mobiles.

I give you .. the Samsung Galaxy SII.

I'm kind of slightly possibly almost super excited.
I've even typed up a list of all the apps I want.

Friday, June 10, 2011

a hint of a travel bug

This week, I have felt the hint of that well known sickness: 
the travel bug.  Just slightly.

Matthew and I have been going back and forth about travel possibilities for June-July and/or Christmas and/or next year.  And/or all of the above.

To help pass on this insaciable bug, here are a few idea's I have recently come across.


How dreamy!! I can see ladies from Anne of Green Gables reciting long winded poems in the lounge.  And all the Molly Brown-like women from the Titanic era, enjoying high tea and cucumber sandwiches.


This hotel, believe it or not, was originally builtin 1868 and then demolished in 2006 for some glorious award-winning renovations

Moving right along to the other part of the world ... the part that it so much more attractive to me ...

Anyone want to slide right into the Mediterranean Sea?

Well, you can!  At the Citta del Mare Hotel in beautiful Sicily.
Lucky for me, I have a close friend living there.  I.e. a reason to visit.

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