Friday, February 25, 2011


I have always related to Matilda, a great character created by Roald Dahl, in the scenes where she devourers all possible books in her local library.

I remember being in pre-school, being the only child that wouldn't want to nap during the day.
I was assigned to bed number 4, but instead, I would read.
I read every book in their library.

I simply love to read. I love reading books, and buying books. There is such satisfaction when I find one worth owning - and I usually crave to own the books I read - as well as having them sit on the shelf, in order by author, all neat and symeterical.
I am quite fussy about this order - I'll know if you've borrowed a book or put it back in the wrong place. And I simply won't buy books that are not the same height as the rest in that series. (Poor Matthew discovered that recently.)
They need to be the same, just right, where they belong.

I rarely watch or enjoy television as much as I do reading books. It's just not the same, especially when you're read the book of what you are watching.

However, since being married, Matthew has been working much longer hours and more overtime at night (yay for money!) and so i rediscovered the television and what movies we had collected.

I watched The West Wing seasons one and two (probably my all time favourite television show);
I watched all episodes of BBC's Little Dorrit, a Charles Dicken's which I confess I haven't read;
I watched the new episodes of Upstairs Downstairs, of which I am eagerly anticipating the next episodes;
and a plethora of movies, some good .. some not good.

The dilemma came in the form of running out of quality entertainment (seriously, the amount of movies I turned off due to language was just sad) and having no internet at home (even sadder).

Since that time, I have increased reading.
I have been reading a lot since finishing my law degree – something I really couldn't spent time on while studying – and I have been discovering many new authors and books.

I want to share.
And in due course, I will share my reviews in detail.

(The Millenium series - a trillogy, but with a fourth posthumously on its way)

I am now beginning a new series, which a partner at work loaned to me.
He is always ordering new books in, which I see arrive on his desk and eagerly tell him to open them.

(The Martin Beck series)

For all you fellow book worms and book nut cases out there, I highly recommend This site is gold - books are cheap, delivery is free.

For even better results, use, a website that compares book + delivery prices on most book websites.


  1. I like the new design Freja, looks great! But, you could have picked a better font for reading large sections of text. That, or you'll have to write shorter posts :) And, I don't think postmostously is a word. That, or no one else on the internet has ever heard of it. (I hope I can include links in your comments here...)

    Aside from that, I'm not much of a reader, but I do like the book depository - we ordered several Christmas presents from there. Sometimes I wish I read more though, but I just know if I do start reading a good book, I won't be able to do anything else until I finish it...

  2. Oh no, my comment is in that font too! I should have written a shorter comment!

  3. Dallin, I'm not happy with the font either. I like it as the background font, but it seems that having it as such makes it the default font for posts. It is on my list of things to do .. right now.
    By the way, I reserve the right to create words for my blog. It's one way I can show my randomosity. hmm.

  4. Awesome books! Love the Millennium trilogy. Haven't read the other series. Am wondering what it is about Swedes and their gruesome crime books. Must be those lon dark evenings that gives the imagination homicidal leanings.

  5. I miss reading, but unfortunately I can't allow myself to - my child and husband (let alone my house) are neglected most dreadfully when I do!..... but I may be almost due to read another one!
    I hope poor Matthew didn't suffer too badly for his mistake!

  6. I truly enjoy reading your book reviews. A great idea! Thank you Freja! :)
    Grit (Sis.Albrecht)

  7. I love reading, but my problem is reading too many books at once to finish any of them.
    I love Jane Austen, I think Anne Bronte is underrated, childrens novels make up just under half of my collection, and there's nothing better to me than a well written, vivid biography.


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