Scripture Study.


Understanding the Old Testament.
Genesis - the Creation.
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden - the principles of Agency.
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden .. but not for long.
Adam's posterity - the war between good and evil continues.
Wickedness in Cain's posterity - Noah and the ark.
Righteousness in Seth's posterity - Enoch and the city of Zion.
God established a covenant - After the Flood.
Who was Abraham?
Who was Melchizedek?
Remember Lot's Wife.
Abraham was taught the law of sacrifice.  And a brilliant video about it here.
A token of the covenant - the practice of circumcision.
Rebekah: a real fairy tale story?

Coming soon:

Jacob and Esau
Jacob's family
The Passover and the Exodus
The Ten Commandments
The Law of Moses
The Tabernacle - a portable temple
How to make a burnt offering
How to cleanse a leper


What is truth?
How the Book of Mormon is the keystone of my religion (includes study aid).
More study aids - Book of Mormon authors and records.

Coming soon:

The Plan of Salvation, and how the Book of Mormon adds to our understanding.
The 3 great events of God's plan:  the Creation; the Fall; and the Atonement.
The Role of a Prophet, according to the Book of Mormon.
Being Sustained through Trial and Adversity; and themes of Deliverance and Mercy.
Trees and Visions in the Book of Mormon.
The Doctrine of Christ - Faith; Repentance; Baptism; the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
How to be Truly Converted.
The Pride Cycle and Apostasy - Satan's tactics.
How to Fortify Cities and Defend Freedom.
Principles of Missionary Work and Testimonies.
Prayer, Revelation, and Personal Liahona's.

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