Monday, February 28, 2011

childhood memories

Recently, Kate Conklin Designs promoted a new quilt and giveaway by asking her followers about their childhood memories.

This is what I instantly thought of:

I clearly remember locking my brother and sister up in our stuff little attic to play 'school' - and during the school holidays, no less.

I loved school, and day after day I wanted to teach them, read to tem, give them homework, and just tell them everything I had learned. I probably wanted to be in charge too ;)

I remember getting quite frustrated when they weren't attevtive or studious. Poor little ones.

Once I thought and wrote about this particular memory, other memories flooded my mind.

I remember playing dress ups with my sister, and then watching her fall down the main stairs of our home wearing mum's carrot-coloured high heels. She broke her collar bone.

I remember putting on Bing Crosby's White Christmas record every year at Christmas time, over and over and over, singing along to the carols. Also, The Sound Of Music, even though it had nothing to do with Christmas.

I remember competing with my sister, while watching Beauty and the Beast, over which one of us was Belle, We would sing along to the songs loudly, showing off who was better suited to the role. I also competed with a school friend, with singing and swimming competitions, to decide which one of us were more like Ariel.

I remember when my brother was born, and how I practiced wrapping him up in his blue blanket. I remember he had sensitive skin, and was a really quiet and calm baby. It was such a thrill to have a baby brother! I remember sitting at the dinner table, telling my parents I wished for a brother, and boom. He arrived. Thanks to me :)

I remember when my sister came along, how I was so thrilled to finanlly have an addition to the family, and being completely shocked when my parents didn't name her Tabitha or Jenna (my suggestions). With sheets of thick plastic under the kitchen table, she was one messy eater! But with her tight curls, dimples and pretty eyes, she won everyone over. Even the bus drivers when she forgot her bus pass.

What are your childhood memories?

Friday, February 25, 2011


I have always related to Matilda, a great character created by Roald Dahl, in the scenes where she devourers all possible books in her local library.

I remember being in pre-school, being the only child that wouldn't want to nap during the day.
I was assigned to bed number 4, but instead, I would read.
I read every book in their library.

I simply love to read. I love reading books, and buying books. There is such satisfaction when I find one worth owning - and I usually crave to own the books I read - as well as having them sit on the shelf, in order by author, all neat and symeterical.
I am quite fussy about this order - I'll know if you've borrowed a book or put it back in the wrong place. And I simply won't buy books that are not the same height as the rest in that series. (Poor Matthew discovered that recently.)
They need to be the same, just right, where they belong.

I rarely watch or enjoy television as much as I do reading books. It's just not the same, especially when you're read the book of what you are watching.

However, since being married, Matthew has been working much longer hours and more overtime at night (yay for money!) and so i rediscovered the television and what movies we had collected.

I watched The West Wing seasons one and two (probably my all time favourite television show);
I watched all episodes of BBC's Little Dorrit, a Charles Dicken's which I confess I haven't read;
I watched the new episodes of Upstairs Downstairs, of which I am eagerly anticipating the next episodes;
and a plethora of movies, some good .. some not good.

The dilemma came in the form of running out of quality entertainment (seriously, the amount of movies I turned off due to language was just sad) and having no internet at home (even sadder).

Since that time, I have increased reading.
I have been reading a lot since finishing my law degree – something I really couldn't spent time on while studying – and I have been discovering many new authors and books.

I want to share.
And in due course, I will share my reviews in detail.

(The Millenium series - a trillogy, but with a fourth posthumously on its way)

I am now beginning a new series, which a partner at work loaned to me.
He is always ordering new books in, which I see arrive on his desk and eagerly tell him to open them.

(The Martin Beck series)

For all you fellow book worms and book nut cases out there, I highly recommend This site is gold - books are cheap, delivery is free.

For even better results, use, a website that compares book + delivery prices on most book websites.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the trouble with money.

I am having trouble spending money.
[honestly, who says that??!]

My phone (which was given to me second hand for free from a friend when I got home from my mission) is literally falling apart. Bits fall off randomly, and the sliding screen is continually getting stuck, making it hard to text message my husband every minute of the day. And yet, I can't bring myself to spend about $850 on an iPhone 4. I would love to have one – there are so many awesome applications to have and I could actually check my emails and skype home – but it's not completely necessary, is it. My phone still makes calls. It hasn't died. Yet.

(plus, iPhone 5 is on its way to being released this year. Maybe I should wait for the better model? or maybe then the iPhone 4 will be cheaper?)

And then, on top of that, I've found a few things on sale at Deseret Book, and if I order them now I might as well order a few other things while I'm there. Make the most of postage. I'm thinking .. a few MoTab cds to add to my collection, the second CD collection of John Bytheway talks, and a few books penned by the classic church authors, such as Talmage.

AND I really want some sneakers – I desperately want to become active again, even if its just walking or running around the leafy streets of Magill – and so I'll want to order some shoes online too. I'm eyeing up some nice trainers from Nike.

THEN, if I'm making a few different orders online, I might as well order some cute blocks that say 'Family' or 'The Soininens Established 2010'. I've been eyeing for quite some time.

Conclusion: I feel like I will be spending a lot of our hard saved money.

A house is way more important. But … grr. I want shoes to loose weight, and a cool phone to play around on, and some more MoTab cds and cheap church books to add to my never ending collection.
Oh, and we're about to print heaps of wedding photos and a many even a few canvases

What is a girl to do?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

congratulations to the girls in my family. they survived another year.

Two weeks ago my dear Mother had a birthday. Happy birthday Mum!

I thought she was turning twenty-one again, but she informed me that she is actually turning thirty nine. Good for her! [I've been older than my own mother for some time now.]

My mother is a saint. Even with her evil laugh. And I miss her.

She is a clever woman, who always seems to know what is going on.
An opening scene from the book-turned-movie Looking for Alibrandi always reminds me of her - the main character is walking home from school, all the time feeling that she is being watched and followed. Although it's all in her head, she sees all the old italian grandmothers hiding behind newspapers with eye cut-outs, spying on her every move behind parked cars, and calling her mother to report on her tardiness. My mother just seems to know everything without being told :)

What do you love about your mother?
(you should go and tell her!)

Also, last weekend was my sister's birthday. Happy birthday Yolanda!!

She turned a legitmate twenty-one, and went out with all her friends and family (minus me) to celebrate. I was sad to miss all the fun.

My sister is a funny girl, without even trying. She makes me crack up, and I love her for it.
She somehow sees the funny things in life.
She also works hard, and is really quite brave and strong. I have alot of respect for her.

What do you love about your siblings?
(you should tell them!)

I love my family.
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