Saturday, June 30, 2012

Please, take my money.


It's been a good while since I lasted blogged.  It turns out I have a life, and I've been busy living it.
It also means ... get ready for loads of catching up.  After a good break, I'm powered up with energy and enthusiam.  With any luck, and some spare time, I shall aim to document what's been going on.

One aspect of life that has been consuming some of my time lately is Spending Money.  Deliberate Expenditure.  Note those capital letters, dear readers. 
It is almost tax return time, which means it is well and truly SALE time.  Here in chilly Adelaide, the retail industry (however small) has really taken hold of the concept of stocktake sales.  And pre-stocktake sales.  And lots of one-day-only sales.

And yet I remain strong.  You will not get me, you seventh one-day sale!

<shifty eyes>

But of course I don't include the wonderful world of online shopping here.  Oh no, how could I?  So easy, so cheap, even more so frightfully delightful when free international shipping is mentioned.  Delicious.

Here's what is currently in a few online shopping carts (I'm guilty of leaving items in carts, watching prices fluctuate and being highly indecisive until I justify what I need):

(Books from Book Depository; All About Me journal and the rest from Urban Outfitters)

Ain't I great at arranging those images.

I've also been trying to keep up with FatMumSlim in taking the daily photo challenge on Instagram.  The idea is to adhere to the list of subjects daily.  Hmm, that is where I falter.  I do remember during the first week of the month, and then something happens that makes me behind.
In May, that something was going home to Sydney for a weekend.  I took a break from my routine, and bam.  I failed May.
In June (and yes, I realise we are still in June), that something was my parents coming over here for a long weekend.  I took a break from my routine, and bam.  I failed June.

Wait.  Do you see the recurring theme here?  That's right, I blame my parents.  Each time I see them, routine goes out the window and I forget!  (shh, don't tell Mum I said that!)

Here are some that I did take over the two months:

I have no plans to see my family in July, so with any luck I'll complete a whole month of the photo challenge!
What a measure of success.
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