Thursday, April 21, 2011

home sweet somebody-elses-home

After a long and tiring journey to building that Christ-like quality called patience, I finally found it.   Our first home
It's quite modest and cosy, considering our small needs and little belongings.
[see real estate details here]

What do you think?

Recognise it?  It's the b. e. a. utiful home I admired all through the movie Marley & Me.  And it is now, conveniently, for sale.  Anyone got a handy 1.45 million?

This is where I will take my daily meditative walks.  Possibly in 1800's dress.  Including a bonnet. 
The home is situated on a large property in Pennsylvania.  Just under 700,000 square feet of land, all for me to walk around, and think about life.  Yes, we're moving to the US of A.  

Built in 1830 from native stone, this home is so right for me.

 Here I will teach my twelve children how to play piano.  I will live to the sound of scales.

And bake plenty of wholesome bread, of course.  They have two ovens in this place!  I want a healthy family, filled with fibre and .. is that complimentary wine?

Mmm.  I love white bathrooms, with a touch of classiness.  Chandelier with your bath, anyone?  This is one of the 3 1/2 bathrooms.  I don't fully understand how you can have three and a half bathrooms, but there ya go.

We may keep pigs too.  We may bring Charlotte's Web to life.  Anything is possible, living here.

Good thing my parents are visiting us this long weekend.  I will ask them for the loan, and tell them they will be welcome anytime.

Truthfully - I love the exterior of the house.  I really did fall in love with it in Marley & Me, but these images haven't really lived up to my expectations.  So I guess what I'm saying is .. I'd like to buy the movie set instead?


  1. its cute. i will come live with you!

  2. Don't they normally just destroy movie sets once filming is complete? Guess you missed out on that one then. You should have gotten in earlier.

    On the matter of having half a bathroom, well, in Germany houses (well, I guess they're mostly apartments) are advertised in terms of number of rooms. And it's not uncommon to see places with 1 1/2, 2 1/2 or some other number and a half rooms. I had someone explain it to me once, but I can't quite remember what they said...

  3. Oh, and don't forget that it's $1.45 million US. That's only like $1.35 million Australian at the moment. Come on guys, don't cheap out on things now...

  4. A half bath is usually a room with a toilet and sink. No shower or bathtub.

  5. Shelley said...

    Maybe if we pool our family resources and sold a few children, teenagers maybe although there is not a big market for them, then we could all live the dream!!!!!


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