Friday, January 27, 2012

Thought for Friday.

Here is some interesting food for thought.

We all know that social media is ever present in our lives.  If you didn't know that, you are clearly a hermit.  If you've heard about it, but don't agree with it, you're just kidding yourself.

After watching the clip below, I realised I am on the Internet almost all the time.

I usually function without checking my Macbook every hour on the weekends, and I am very good at controlling my Internet usage on my brilliant Samsung Galaxy SII.

But weekdays for me entail working on a computer 8-6pm, with blogging, facebook, reading other peoples blogs (I follow way too many people), googling everything possible from checking the weather to recipes to opening hours or directions to a store, planning Primary stuff, surfing through catelogues and hollywood hair styles ..... just catching my breath ... all before and after and even during work.

For the record, I loved that VW Darth Vadar Super Bowl ad.

And there are waaaayy too many invisible farmers out there.

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