Friday, May 25, 2012

Thought for Friday.

1.  I am seriously good at starting blog posts.  I currently have 46 in draft.  This does not indicate that I am hopeless at finishing things, quite the contrary.  It's actually a good example of how I like to plan things in advance .. and how I can sometimes get ahead of myself.  I've got posts about future projects and even future announcements, ready to go ... when I have a project or an announcement to blog about.  I guess I consider my draft box my Pinterest account for "stuff to blog about in the next 1-5 years".

2.  I'm waiting for a super wonderfully big something to come back from the framers.  I'll keep it all hush hush until I take some photos.  And some new furniture finally arrived.  And some old furniture is about to arrive. (is that vague enough?)  Again, I need to upload photos.  Argh!

3.  While at the framing place, I totally converted the sales lady to Pinterest.  I know, you're thinking someone needed to be converted??  But she had no idea what it was.  I think I'm entitled to a little commission.

4.  It's freezing in Adelaide, and not yet winter, so we invested in an electric blanket.  It's been a good while since I've had one of those in my life.

5.  Has anyone read The Great Gatsby recently?  I did read it in high school, I think, but can't remember the levels of inappropriate-ness.  Any help?  My book club is thinking about reading it towards the end of the year, in time for Baz's new movie, but want to keep it clean ( .. and boy, does the trailer for the upcoming movie not look clean).

6.  As another week is winding down (thank GOODness), I'm gearing up for another Primary lesson and another Institute lesson.  Gosh these come by fast.  At least you can feel included - read all about last week's eventful Primary lesson, and a no-so-recent Institute lesson, tomorrow (just in time for some spiritualness).

7.  I'm really looking forward to my parents coming to visit for the upcoming Australian long weekend.  Do you think my folks are too old and fragile for go-kart racing??

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  1. It is so fun to think about it getting cold in your patrt of the world while it is getting warmer here! Strange.

    I don't remember there being too much inappropriate material in the Great Gatsby. The whole premise of the book is a a bit "pushy"-- set in the roaring 1920s in the the US. I think that some of the topic matter is tough but I don't remember it being graphic in sex or violence. But it has been awhile since I read it too. You could always start it and then stop it if you got uncomfortable. Either way you'd have something interesting to contribute to the good group conversation.


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