Saturday, May 4, 2013

30 before 30 list.

So I'm finally getting around to sharing my 30 by 30 list with you.
I took my sweet time, right up to the day of my birthday, to finalise this list .. I guess it means more to me than I first thought.

30 Before 30

1. Ride a hot-air balloon.
2. Run a race or fun run.
3. Do Bikram Yoga for a fortnight or 30 day challenge.
4. Put up all frames and paintings in our house.
5. Find my go-to kareoke song.
6. Play a decent pipe organ in Adelaide.
7. Fit into my clothes properly - be my target weight.
8. Walk four different hikes.
9. Study Jesus the Christ.
10. Swim with dolphins.
11. Learn how to cook .. properly.
12. Take an art class.
13. Go on a cultural (musical?) weekend away.
14. Compose a piece of music.
15. Compile our family photo albums electronically to publish.
16. Take an amazing luxurious bath.
17. Landscape our gardens.
18. Be completely clutter-free.
19. Write to Jones Shimai (a few times).
20. Audition for the opera chorus (or just a better choir).
21. Go on a ‘watch the sunrise’ date.
22. Have a ‘riding a bike’ date.
23. Have a ‘painting on a canvas or two’ date.
24. Send a message in a bottle.
25. Climb a tree.
26. Plan and host an awesome classy party.
27. withheld.
28. withheld.
29. withheld.
30. withheld.

The plan is to achieve all 30 tasks between 25 March 2013 and 24 March 2014.
And yes .. there are a few that are withheld.  Because I can do that.  Adds a bit of mystery to the last year of my twenties.

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  1. Hannah the JonezMay 4, 2013 at 9:28 PM

    Totally awesome list!! I gotta say, number 19 appeals to me the most for some reason.. hehe :)

  2. I have never thought to do a 30 before 30 list before. I have 5 years, so maybe I should get on that! I hope you get to do all that you have set out to do. :D

  3. So, do we get an update on this, or do we have to wait until the end of March to find out how you went? With less than three months to go, Kathryn decided I should make one of these. So I'm scrambling to come up with do-able ideas. Cheers, Dallin


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