Thursday, March 10, 2011

a friend of mine

a friend of mine just called me. her phone call was out of the blue, and it has made me very happy.

it is a shame how we can get so caught up in life. i am a newly-wed, so i have excuses, and i moved interstate, so i'm far far away. but now and then, we should contact the ones we love. the ones who made us better people.

this friend of mine is my second-closest friend, behind my dear husband. she has put up me for years and years, and knows me very well. i miss our times together, the times when we were single and had the super power to survive many late nights in a row, and not appear to age. [gosh, are those days gone.]

this friend of mine is a dear. she somehow understands me better than i do myself. she is very frank and honest, quite thoughtful and nice, and really fun to be with. i miss her company.

this friend of mine is very talented. she lives and breathes by creating beauty. i have watched her draw and paint for many years. her abilities are astounding. she sells her art here.

eleanor, gee i think you're swell.
and you really do me well.
you're my pride and joy, etc.

yup. true story.

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