Monday, March 7, 2011

going a little mad

Sometimes I turn the television on, only to see the last little bit of a favourite movie, which makes me really sad. I missed a good one! How could I have not turned the tv on sooner?

And then sometimes, like last night, I see that something I get all excited about is on later that night, and I plan to watch it. And then forget all about it, until it's well past viewing time. Grr!! How could I have forgotten about it?

And then sometimes, like right now, I go onto the television network's website to see if they will replay that movie, or have it online to watch, and then I see other movies I've recently missed out on. Oh, why does this happen to me?!!

Having said that ... one  of the following usually applies:

     a. I have seen the movie many times before that I could
        play it in my head.

     b. I own the thing on dvd.

     c. Both a and b
         ... this may or may not be the applicable option every time.

So, yes. I get a little mad at myself for several minutes because I missed a classic (like Pride and Prejudice - how do I still get excited to see it on television, when i own the thing?!?) even though I've both watched and owned it.

Does this happen to you? Or am I mentally unstable ... [don't be rude, now, and answer that. unless you want to say something to the contrary. please. self esteem me up.]

um .. any one know which Miss Marple episode was on last night?


  1. Someone actually suggested to me (fairly recently) creating a website to address some of these issues. I think the idea was that you tell it all the DVDs you own, and it lets you know if any of those movies are on TV, as a reminder to watch it, but also as a reminder that you can watch it on DVD instead, for a more ad-free viewing experience.

    Needless to say, I'm to lazy to develop it and I don't really see much money in it. But, it just goes to show that you're not mentally unstable. That, or other people are too...

  2. Um... yeah I watched Miss Marple actually. It was the one with the actress who is NOT the one in your picture. About some lady married to this rich guy called George and she was totally supersticious and died of 'shock' when she saw the hydrangeas painted on her wallpaper turn blue. Miss Marple naturally is in town visiting her preacher/priest friend just as the bodies start rolling in.

    Of course it was much more than shock that killed her, and of course Miss busy body Marple figures it out right at the last minute putting together facts and making assumptions that would be disastrously incorrect in a world that was larger than Agatha Christie's England.
    Of course...

  3. No not crazy. But in the interest of outting my own inner old lady I just watched the last hour of Dalziel and Pascoe this arvo on UKTV while playing Barbies with Poppy and she kept making the Mummy Barbie tell me to stop watching the TV. So I paused it and played for about 20 mins then devoted 30 mins to the box. (The unknown twin did it). Twisted priotities, right. Stupid TV for making me want it more than my own children. Is there like an annonymous group for TV addicts? Maybe I'll start a website.


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