Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our home's first estate.

Remember my exciting news?

We were pretty much over the moon with the prospect of getting the keys to our very own house.  I took the day off work, allowed myself to sleep in, and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the city.

Matthew took me to a great place he’d been to before.  It did not disappoint.

Hello, salmon and scrambled eggs. And beautiful Adelaide juice.

We drove to Bunnings, the Costco of handymen, and gathered the essentials I had listed a few days before (okay, a few weeks before).  Hose, sprinkler, outdoor broom, mop, bucket, etc.  Just enough supplies to get us through the cleaning stage.

We then sat in our car, thinking .. do we just rock up and collect the keys?  No one called to confirm.
Turns out, you can just rock up and collect keys.
I’m sure they didn’t doubt who we were, but as our agent wasn’t there, how could they be sure we weren’t randoms off the street, collecting house keys?!

This is what we found - our home's first estate.
(If it obeys us, and is found worthy, it will inherit its second estate.)

Lots and lots of lace.  Gosh there were curtains everywhere.

The charming laundry, complete with muck and uneven floors.

Is that a kitchen I spy?

We decided to keep the sliding doors for, oh, five minutes or so.  They have now gone, far far away.

This light fitting reminds me of Belle's saloon, from Gone With The Wind.

This feature is for me, if I am suddenly attacked in the middle of the night by .. my sleepwalking husband.

Since then, so much progress has been made:

Removal of fancy light fittings and plastering over the holes from all the wall fixtures and billions of hooks and nails - check.
Lots and lots of paint - check.
New carpets, in a colour as far away from pink as possible - check.
Installation of lots of down lights, all carefully measured and personally installed - check.
Working out how to turn the hot water on - check.
Installation of unlimited internet - check.
Thorough cleaning - half check.
Moved in - almost check.

Any furniture - no check.

In other news, thanks to all those who be-friended me (or re-friended me), as part of my chocolately bribe. 
Hopefully the policy change in Google won't affect it ...

Congrats Ellen!  You (and your thighs and/or butt) are now entitled to some choc-milky goodness.
Contact me for your selection.

And not to worry, all you international readers who've yet to partake of the Australian goodness.  I'll do this again sometime soon ... just for you.


  1. Oh those touches were so charming! Now for update photos!

  2. I found your blog through the blog hop and am so glad that I did.


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