Saturday, March 17, 2012

What to expect.

I've been having problems with blog spot.

Which is soooo annoying. 

But it explains my absence.

I have several posts ready to share on some cool things in the Bible (don't you just hear that all the time?) and a terrible backlog of photos to upload and updates to give.

I think I've figured it out ... so here is what you can expect from me over the next few days. 
If I get my act together.

1  We are amazing at assembling flat packs.

2  We have visited every Freedom store in South Australia.

3  Some people feel that the Lord gave Adam two commandments that were in conflict with each other, and that that was an injustice.
I found out what to do if presented with a situation of choosing between two conflicting commandments/principles.

4  I also found out I like Pinterest.  Damn it.   
You following me?

5  It turns out that my husband is very sensible.
Here is a recent transcript of email banter:

Him: Dear Mrs S.  Hello.  Kind regards.
Me: Hello Mr S.
Him: We could order the furniture I guess.  The table and chairs.
Me: No rush, really.  The introductory price is around until Easter.  Pasta tonight?  We could get peas and bacon to add.
Him: Yeah pasta sounds good.
Me: Sounds good.  You liked what we saw yesterday?
Him: The table?  Yeah it's pricey but its what we want :)
Me: We could find cheaper chairs?
Him: Well they are $XX - you don't wanna go too cheap.  Paying $X for a chair and not liking it, it's worth just buying the $XX chair.
Me: You would say that.
Him: It is true though, so you save 300 bucks .. but for the next 10 years you wish you had them.  30 bucks a year.  2.50 a month.
Me: Ha. I'm laughing.  You are so cute.
Him: It's true though .. its all about calculations, that is logic .. it makes sense.
Me: I'm so posting this conversation on my blog.
Him: You would :P  so yeah we could order the stuff.

See how he helps me through the dilemmas of life?  I've always been a saver, and need to justify big spends.  Now that I'm married, he helps with that ;)

6  Oh, and any ideas on what to get from this place?  I came into some credit here, and can't decide what I would like for future use ...


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