Friday, February 11, 2011

the trouble with money.

I am having trouble spending money.
[honestly, who says that??!]

My phone (which was given to me second hand for free from a friend when I got home from my mission) is literally falling apart. Bits fall off randomly, and the sliding screen is continually getting stuck, making it hard to text message my husband every minute of the day. And yet, I can't bring myself to spend about $850 on an iPhone 4. I would love to have one – there are so many awesome applications to have and I could actually check my emails and skype home – but it's not completely necessary, is it. My phone still makes calls. It hasn't died. Yet.

(plus, iPhone 5 is on its way to being released this year. Maybe I should wait for the better model? or maybe then the iPhone 4 will be cheaper?)

And then, on top of that, I've found a few things on sale at Deseret Book, and if I order them now I might as well order a few other things while I'm there. Make the most of postage. I'm thinking .. a few MoTab cds to add to my collection, the second CD collection of John Bytheway talks, and a few books penned by the classic church authors, such as Talmage.

AND I really want some sneakers – I desperately want to become active again, even if its just walking or running around the leafy streets of Magill – and so I'll want to order some shoes online too. I'm eyeing up some nice trainers from Nike.

THEN, if I'm making a few different orders online, I might as well order some cute blocks that say 'Family' or 'The Soininens Established 2010'. I've been eyeing for quite some time.

Conclusion: I feel like I will be spending a lot of our hard saved money.

A house is way more important. But … grr. I want shoes to loose weight, and a cool phone to play around on, and some more MoTab cds and cheap church books to add to my never ending collection.
Oh, and we're about to print heaps of wedding photos and a many even a few canvases

What is a girl to do?


  1. i know the feeling. there are so many things that i want... but i just can't justify. my phone is the phone i used before my mission. my friends make fun of me, but it still makes calls. i want new clothes. i want to color my hair. so many things, but alas we are poor students. so the fancy things will have to wait.

  2. Technology changes so rapidly that I just don't bother keeping up. I'm trying to keep an eternal perspective and frankly a phone that has a lifespan of 6 months isn't eternal enough for me.

    Just remember, the best investment that you can make is in *yourself*. Who needs new runners when you've got a beach 30 minutes away! Just run barefoot in the sand (apparently it's better for your feet that way too - as well as it exfoliates!)

  3. Freja, the best thing to do is keep up to date with bargain websites... I constantly keep a look out on Oz Bargain (if only Aust had more coupon systems).

    We ordered a few of our canvas overseas, and got coupons for free delivery. Ended up getting 40x60cm canvas for about $25 each.

    Yeah if you can hold on on your phone for another 2-3 mths, cause I was talking to the Optus lady and she said around May a lot of the phone prices will drop.

    But good luck with saving money... I know how hard it is being newlyweds... I just can't imaging how much harder it would be once we decide to start a family


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