Monday, February 28, 2011

childhood memories

Recently, Kate Conklin Designs promoted a new quilt and giveaway by asking her followers about their childhood memories.

This is what I instantly thought of:

I clearly remember locking my brother and sister up in our stuff little attic to play 'school' - and during the school holidays, no less.

I loved school, and day after day I wanted to teach them, read to tem, give them homework, and just tell them everything I had learned. I probably wanted to be in charge too ;)

I remember getting quite frustrated when they weren't attevtive or studious. Poor little ones.

Once I thought and wrote about this particular memory, other memories flooded my mind.

I remember playing dress ups with my sister, and then watching her fall down the main stairs of our home wearing mum's carrot-coloured high heels. She broke her collar bone.

I remember putting on Bing Crosby's White Christmas record every year at Christmas time, over and over and over, singing along to the carols. Also, The Sound Of Music, even though it had nothing to do with Christmas.

I remember competing with my sister, while watching Beauty and the Beast, over which one of us was Belle, We would sing along to the songs loudly, showing off who was better suited to the role. I also competed with a school friend, with singing and swimming competitions, to decide which one of us were more like Ariel.

I remember when my brother was born, and how I practiced wrapping him up in his blue blanket. I remember he had sensitive skin, and was a really quiet and calm baby. It was such a thrill to have a baby brother! I remember sitting at the dinner table, telling my parents I wished for a brother, and boom. He arrived. Thanks to me :)

I remember when my sister came along, how I was so thrilled to finanlly have an addition to the family, and being completely shocked when my parents didn't name her Tabitha or Jenna (my suggestions). With sheets of thick plastic under the kitchen table, she was one messy eater! But with her tight curls, dimples and pretty eyes, she won everyone over. Even the bus drivers when she forgot her bus pass.

What are your childhood memories?

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