Thursday, February 10, 2011

congratulations to the girls in my family. they survived another year.

Two weeks ago my dear Mother had a birthday. Happy birthday Mum!

I thought she was turning twenty-one again, but she informed me that she is actually turning thirty nine. Good for her! [I've been older than my own mother for some time now.]

My mother is a saint. Even with her evil laugh. And I miss her.

She is a clever woman, who always seems to know what is going on.
An opening scene from the book-turned-movie Looking for Alibrandi always reminds me of her - the main character is walking home from school, all the time feeling that she is being watched and followed. Although it's all in her head, she sees all the old italian grandmothers hiding behind newspapers with eye cut-outs, spying on her every move behind parked cars, and calling her mother to report on her tardiness. My mother just seems to know everything without being told :)

What do you love about your mother?
(you should go and tell her!)

Also, last weekend was my sister's birthday. Happy birthday Yolanda!!

She turned a legitmate twenty-one, and went out with all her friends and family (minus me) to celebrate. I was sad to miss all the fun.

My sister is a funny girl, without even trying. She makes me crack up, and I love her for it.
She somehow sees the funny things in life.
She also works hard, and is really quite brave and strong. I have alot of respect for her.

What do you love about your siblings?
(you should tell them!)

I love my family.

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