Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Book of Mormon: the answer to your every question

Can the Book of Mormon answer your every question?

We all have great questions - questions of the soul – but for a single book to literally answer all your questions?  Come on, peoples, surely not.  Surely some questions are just … unanswerable?

Well, I served as a missionary on Temple Square – church HQs, if you like.  It is the mecca for Mormons – where our prophet and other church leaders live, where General Conference is held and publically broadcast bi-annually, and where we all flock at least once in our lives to visit the iconic Salt Lake Temple, to hear the Mormon Tabernacle choir sing live in their never-ending radio program, and to see where Brigham Young said those famous words:  “This is the place”.

This was the place … to put the Book of Mormon to the test.

As a missionary, I carried the Book of Mormon in my hand every single day.  From 9am to 9pm, we were there, available to answer questions.  And I can promise you, we were asked heaps of questions every single day.  There were the typical questions, asked almost daily, and we could easily refer to the Book of Mormon in our hands for answers.  Other questions were quite left-field, and further study and reflection was needed, or sparked great discussions and study topics for further conversations.

Here are a few examples:

Common questions regarding our belief in the Book of Mormon:
  1. Does the Book of Mormon replace the Bible?  Doesn’t the Bible contain all of God’s word?  My answer here.
  2. How can I know if the Book of Mormon is true?  My answer here.
Questions testing us on our doctrine:
  1. What is my purpose?  Why do you believe we exist?
  2. Do you believe we are saved by grace?
  3. What happens to us when we die?
  4. Why was Christ baptised?
  5. Why is the atonement necessary?
  6. Do you believe we are accountable for our choices or actions, and to what extent?
Other questions during conversation:
  1. How can I balance my family and career?
  2. How can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse?
  3. How can my family find peace and unity?
  4. How could I/we possibly avoid the evil that threatens the family today?
  5. Does God even know me?
  6. Does God hear and answer my prayers?
  7. What does Christ expect of me?
  8. Is there life after death?
  9. How could a belief in Christ help me?
  10. Why does God allow suffering?
Here is where the fun begins.
I’m going to answer these questions – and more, if you ask me – this month.  It’s a great month to focus on the Book of Mormon, after all.

Perhaps your ‘great questions of the soul’ include:  Is there really a God?  Did I exist before I was born?  Will I live after I die?  What is the purpose of life?  Is Jesus really the Saviour?

They may include questions regarding more temporal needs:  How can I improve my relationship with my spouse?  How can I help my teenagers avoid drugs or immorality?  How can I find work to support my family?

Let me show you that the Book of Mormon DOES answer your every question.

The Book of Mormon Forum

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  1. Excellent, Freja! I am looking forward to it!!

  2. Amazing! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!!


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