Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Book of Mormon + Lego = awesomeness.

I've mentioned before how I like blocks.  Including Lego.
It is good stuff.

Well, some other dude decided to build scenes from the Book of Mormon using lego. 
How seriously cool is that?!

Here is the prophet Mormon, abridging the records of his people.
He has a chisel.  And a nice looking helmet. 
We'll see a painting about him later ...


Here is the prophet Lehi, the one who starts the Book of Mormon record by obey God and taking his family out of Jerusalem (read that here and then here). 

Here, he is in a vision he had about the Tree of Life
You can read about that here.


We haven't talked about this man yet - Enos
But we will. 
He will answer our questions about prayer, because as you see him here, he is praying. 
He did so all day and all night ...

This is a classic. 
The story of Ammon, the great missionary, who one day chopped some bad people's arms off. 
We'll get to that story when we review another painting soon ...

Read an interview with the lego dude here.

The Book of Mormon Forum

If you wish to order a free copy, let me know or click here.
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  1. That is very cool!! Certainly one way to help teach the children the Book of Mormon stories, a great idea!


  2. We are so likeminded - this is what I thought was awesome today:


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