Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Introduction to the Book of Mormon.

What, Who and Where
Since the beginning of time, God has revealed his word to man.  And since the beginning of man figuring out how to record it all, there have been records.  The Bible is a collection of various ‘books’ written by prophets, filled with history, prophecies and teachings of Christ, and stories of how various people tried to live those teachings.

The Book of Mormon is exactly the same, only written in the ancient Americas.  It began with a family escaping from the destruction of Jerusalem around 600 BC.  They took with them few belongings, including their family records and the writing of the Old Testament.  They then travelled out of Jerusalem, and eventually made their way to the Americas.

From that time on, through the generations, the people recorded their lives and how they were tried and tested as they lived Christ’s teachings.  They recorded prophesies about the Messiah coming, and what signs they would see; they recorded times of war and peace, and how people didn’t listen to the prophets; they recorded prophesies that the Messiah would be crucified, and what signs they would see; and best of all – they recorded when He visited them and personally taught them His gospel.

The book it named after Mormon, the prophet who compiled the peoples’ records into an abridged record.  He (and then his son Moroni) went through all the records they had, spanning the history of their peoples and including their own copies of the Old Testament and other writings, and condensed it into an abridged record.  They did this around AD 420, as their people were dying off.

Moroni eventually buried this abridged record, hiding it in the ground in what we now call ‘Upstate New York’.  It lay undiscovered for a long time, until the Lord prepared a time where there was religious excitement and potential religious freedom.  In AD 1823, it was revealed to a boy – Joseph Smith – and he eventually translated the record into English and had it published.

Look.  Assuming this book really is scripture, then great!  The more the better!  Personally, I want as much information on .. everything.  Who I am; my purpose in life; my potential in life; about Jesus Christ, His life, His role in my life, His teachings and how to live them.

And having just the Bible hasn’t been terribly helpful.  Doubt, disbelief, and misinformation [have remained] after centuries of darkness” (Preach My Gospel).  There are wayyyy to many Christian churches out there reading different translations, teaching different interpretations, and basically diluting whatever ounce of truth we had after Christ died.

The Book of Mormon hasn’t been through all those hands of translation and interpretation – it contains the fullness of Christ’s gospel, as recorded all those centuries ago.

Basically – the more divine clarification, the better.

If you wish to order a free copy, let me know or click here.
Feel free to read or listen to it here.


  1. The Book of Mormon changes lives!

  2. Hey Freja! You won a digital copy of the prints! :) send me your email address!


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