Sunday, April 22, 2012

Come, Follow Me.

Today I was called to teach in Primary.

I teach the five and six year olds.  They can be a bit rowdy and loud, but I was watching them during singing time.  Without even knowing their names, I watched each one and noticed them. 
At one time or another, they each tried to sing the songs and watch the mouths of others to get the right words.  It was a nice moment.

Today we discussed the phrase "Come, Follow Me".
And I told them of the disciples in the book of Matthew, who left their nets and ships to immediately follow the Saviour's call.  "I will make you fishers of men", he said.

We played 'follow the leader', some taking turns to lead and the rest of us attempting to follow their hopping or rolling.  We then talked of how to follow Jesus, how to follow his footsteps.

I ended up making a few footsteps, all saying "Come Follow Me", "Keep my commandments" and "Love one another".  They made a path to a picture of our Saviour.

I think the most successful part of the lesson (i.e. the part I had their rapt attention) was when I told them a story.  And then watched this:

It makes you think .. how can I follow in the Saviour's footsteps?
Such simple ways.

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