Monday, April 23, 2012

Empty chairs and empty tables.

... is a favourite song of mine from the musical Les Miserables.

Have you seen it?  I saw it in London about two years ago.  BRILLIANT stuff, I must say.  Very stirring stuff.

Good thing they're bringing out (yet another) movie version, for all you people adversely against the theatre.
Uncultured people.

Anne Hathaway has shorter-than-pixie hair.
Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen play the Thenardiers.
And then there's Hugh Jackman, The Drover.  Enough said.

So I'm sitting here, eating the last few frozen mint slices (yes, frozen).  Where is here, you ask?
Why, at my new dining room table and chairs, of course!

(source - because I can't be bothered to take photos just yet ..)

We have been enjoying eating our dinner on a table, not on our laps.  We no longer stoop over ourselves to eat.  Oh, what joy!  Although, we are sitting on plastic, as we have not scotch guarded the fancy chairs yet.  But we have our posture back!

And I have a table from which to blog.  And plan lessons.  And plan those other lessons.  And file them all away in my big white binders for posterity and dust.

( .. I'll get around to real photos of the house improvements soon ... ish.  Waitin' on some deliveries and some much needed extra time .. )


  1. Have you ever watched the series, Les Mis, in French? They were playing it on SBS. It is awesome for a screen adatpion.

  2. Les Mis... in London... Jealous!


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