Friday, April 6, 2012

How to get distracted.

I have many posts, almost ready to go, summarising my last few Institute classes.
Great for you to follow along and study .. on Sundays, perhaps.

I also have a few posts on other things.  Because, you know, I have other things to say.

So stayed tuned to learn more about how the Earth got so bad it needed a flood, and how Enoch's people managed to be so good that they were translated, and what poor Abraham had to go through.
Ooh, and what I got out of Conference.  We haven't seen it here yet .. but it's inevitable that I'll get something out of it.

Hmm.  I have been distracted lately.

Would you like to be distracted?  Here is a very incomplete guide:

1.  Join Pinterest.  And just loose yourself in the handy dandy practice of electronic pins.  Follow me!  Follow me!  cough

2.  Get Instagram.  It just came out for android phones.  Woo!  Follow me!  Follow me!  dooooo it.

3.  Start a book club.  Ooooh I gotta tell you about it!

4.  Do all of the above, in addition to your already hectic and over-scheduled life.

Oh wait ...

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