Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time Out for Women - Choose to Become [review part 8]

A recap of the messages I heard and felt.

...continued from review part 7

After all WE can do
Because we are reading this phrase differently now, after all we can do already has a different meaning for me.  Who is the ‘we’?  You know of the famous Footprints poem, portraying the Saviour walking besides us throughout our lives and then picking us up during our tough times.  Perhaps the Saviour has carried you through the whole journey.  Either way, it’s a ‘we’.

You know what I get from that?  Jesus Christ isn’t waiting for you to get your act together.  He’s right there already, either next to you or carrying you.  We should stop feeling inadequate and unworthy for such companionship.  We don’t need to be perfect to enter the temple, we don’t need to be perfect to have Christ carry us, and we certainly don’t need to be perfect to be given God’s grace.

So stop worrying about your faults and flaws.  Your offering may be somewhat important, but you as the offerer is way more important. 

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