Monday, August 29, 2011

Why am I Mormon?

My parents both met missionaries and joined the Church in their early adulthood.  They then met, were married in a temple for eternity, and raised us kids in the Church.   So, I have been a Mormon all my life.  I grew up knowing that I was a daughter of God, reading from the scriptures, learning about a Saviour who loves me, listening to a prophet, and going to church every Sunday – even sitting in the same pew each week.

We are, however, encouraged to know for ourselves.  I may have been born to Mormon parents, and as a child I probably did go to church because my parent’s expected it of me while living at home – yet I have come to the knowledge for myself that being a Mormon is the right thing for me.  I love the feeling of warmth, comfort, and security that I feel when I am listening to the words of the prophet.  I thoroughly enjoy reading and studying the Book of Mormon, which helps me understand the Bible and Christ’s teachings so much more.  I have prayed to know if Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ, and if he really did restore missing truths.  I have had countless moments when I feel like I understand, feel loved, or feel that what I am doing is right.  I have also seen the blessings that come from living good standards and principles – like paying tithing, as commanded, or dressing modestly, as advised.

Living good standards and following important principles can be a big commitment.   I believe ones beliefs should not be passive – our religion, set of values, or beliefs should be reflected in how we live our lives, how we speak, dress, and act, and most importantly, how we make decisions.

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