Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Mission Statement.

Does your family have a mission statement?
What is it?  How did you get it?  What inspired you to write that one in particular?

Ours is a brand new family of two.  So should we have a mission statement?  It's something I hadn't really thought about, because we don't have any kids.

Now that the question is out there, I guess there is nothing to lose in having one.  To define our purpose as a family ain’t a bad idea.  Being the highly over-organised creature that I am, I in fact love the idea.  At the moment, however, it feels like our purpose simply revolves around saving money and staying on top of all our commitments.  Wait ... that just sounds like life.

So maybe our mission statement should be “Survive and Sleep”.  How does that sound?

“Save and Rest”.  “Keep focused on the goals”.

To be honest, we are doing really well.  We are working as much as we can; saving the majority of the income and watching interest grow; and ensuring that time together is a high priority.  We formally listed our goals at the beginning of the year, and we review informally from time to time.

(It’s probably time we reviewed some of those goals again … guitar playing, anyone? Read ALL standard works? We are a highly ambitious lot.)

I am looking forward to having our own home soon.  I have already drafted family rules, traditions and such for our new home together.  So perhaps formalising a Family Mission Statement for our family of two ain’t a bad idea after all.

Any suggestions?  What is your family mission statement?

**Update - the husband has since suggested a mission statement, based on our current lifestyle (see comment below): "Wake up, work, eat, work, say hello, eat, work, sleep".  Inspiring, no?

This post was inspired by Welcome to the Madness, as they blog about the Family Proclamation and celebrating the family unit.


  1. Please come back and link up tomorrow. We are having a linky party with just this theme!

    I loved reading your post and I know that many will enjoy your thoughts. (and humor)

    Thanks for dropping by. (and linking!)

  2. Mission statement: Wake up, work, eat, work, say hello, eat, work, sleep.

  3. The neat thing about doing a family mission statement now is you'll know exactly what you want when the kids do arrive. I'd say go for it; it's a great idea!

  4. ha ha! Love your hubby's contribution! :)

  5. Just wait until you do have kiddos...The sleeping will be even less! :) Love, LOVE, LOVEEEE your wedding pictures. You guys are totally adorable!

  6. Your post reminded me of a saying by Dave Ramsey, "If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else" I wish that my hubby and I had done more of that when we were younger. Good for you!!

    I also loved your "Survive and Sleep"...that one made me laugh out loud! That one is universal! :)

  7. You two are so funny! Now we know what your days are like. :)

    Love your wedding pictures too!

  8. I would definitely do one now! Get on the same page early on! You are making decisions now that will affect the rest of your life! And, I agree with Cocoa! Your wedding photos are amazing!

  9. Y'all made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!


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