Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sacrament talks.

Just like testimony meetings, sacrament talks can put me on edge when I hear the following:

1. "I’d like to thank Brother So-and-so for the opportunity to speak today … I did see him coming towards me in the corridor, and I tried to avoid eye contact, and push primary children out of my way to run off, and say I might be sick that day ... but here I am."

2. "I hate giving talks in sacrament.  I try to avoid doing it."

3. "I am so nervous ... I’m such a bad speaker."

4. "I was clearly given this topic because I need to work on it."

5. "So I looked up the definition of ‘repentance’ on Wikipedia …"

Okay, I slightly exaggerate, but you've totally heard opening paragraphs like these.

For me, I draft my talk well in advance, and time it several times.  That’s just how I operate.  And I am always well over the time limit - just like how I am always over the word limit for school essays and assignments. 

So why would I waste time in sacrament meeting by telling you how Brother So-and-so asked me to speak?  And then go on and tell you my life story?  And rely on definitions as my opening paragraph?

Remember, this is what NOT to do!


  1. What about 'Freja gave me a list of things she really hates in Sacrament talks, so I'm going to make sure that I use all of them, just to annoy her...'


    That video is pretty classic though!

  2. It's because people think they're funny... but it's all very cliche'. You're funny!! Love you sis.

  3. Glad I watched this before I had to give my talk this last Sunday :)

    Very funny clip!

  4. That is soooo true!!! and people, I dont want to hear every single depressing thing that has happened in your life and then you say at the end... but I have faith that it will all work out one day ... wha??


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