Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Family Proclamation has impacted us.

How the Proclamation has impacted your family or you personally.

Do you have an experience that you love that has inspired you?

Do you have some way that the proclamation has impacted your family?

My first thought it this: the Church doesn’t proclaim a whole lot. It doesn’t publish proclamations very often.  In fact, it’s only done so five times – The Family: Proclamation to the World being the most recent.  That fact alone tells me that this is serious business
It tells me that The Family Proclamation is highly important, that it needs to be taken seriously, and that it needs to infiltrate my life.

Infiltrate.  Permeate.  Saturate.  Fill my life with meaning, instruction, and joy.

That would be my next thought: Joy.  I’ve always been fascinated with this tiny word, and just how much it encompasses.  Joy is truly our purpose in life.  Regardless of our religious persuasion, our cultural heritage, our upbringing, our current situation - the journey to find JOY is what keeps us going.  It’s the goal.

And how can family not be a part of that goal?  I’m willing to say that 99% of all “families” (whatever that entails) are not 100% … normal.  Functional.  Perfect.

And that is okay.

Because we need the perfect ideal to strive for.  We need the divine council.
And because JOY can be found in the journey.

Turning to The Family Proclamation, we read how.

From it, we know what our role is.  Each of us is a divine child of God; our gender and our differences mean something!  It clearly expresses who we are, and reiterates our purpose.

As future parents, it gives Matthew and I clear direction.  We know our specific roles within the family, and how we can provide for our future children.  I loved feeling prepared, and what better way than to know what I have been designed and created for, and what my potential is.

Together, we use the Proclamation as a tool of preparation.

We know who is to provide and nurture, and how best to do that.  We know what is required.  And we know that our Heavenly Father wants the same, so He will help.


This proclamation is the plan for us and our families.  And see those very profound black and white statements in there?  They are truths.  Truths we should stand by, and live.

This post was inspired by these blogs, as they blog about the Family Proclamation and celebrating the family unit.


  1. What a wonderful way to break down the words. I love that!

    When my hubbys cousin got sealed last month, the sealer used that triangle visual. Isn't it beautiful? I loved how well it discribes our relationship to the Lord.

    Thank you for being such a great supporter of the celebration. I have enjoyed getting to know you a little bit. :)

  2. I love your post, and that visual! All this works together to keep us focused on all the right things.

  3. Wonderful post! I love how the visual stresses the nearer we get to God the closer husband and wife get to each other as well.

  4. a tool of preparation, excellent. Truth for sure, how lucky we are.

  5. Great, great post! Thanks for supporting this celebration of Family!


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