Friday, September 2, 2011

Today on the bus.

I thoroughly enjoy the time I have each morning on the bus to work.  It's a short time every day all to myself.  I listen to ABC Classic FM on my handy-dandy smartphone, listening to classical music and making mental notes of new pieces to play, and either planning/writing lists or reading a book.  I'm in the middle of a John Grisham book at the moment, which so far has nothing to do with law, politics or crime.  I'm confused.

This morning, I smelt poo.  I was sitting there next to the window, in my own little world of classical music, hidden by my new beachy-blue sunnies, and reading my book, when this old lady sat next to me and smelt like POO.

At first, I was disgusted.  She looked a decent sort of lady, but that was totally decieving.  Clearly.  Can anyone else smell that?  And then after several stops, I started thinking about how I could move seats without being too .. noticeable.  She would have to get up out of her seat to let me out, only to see me just sit down again somewhere else.  And then the bus driver might thinking I was getting off and stop.

Then I started to think .. wait, is it ME??  It was ... possible, as I live in a house with two dogs that poo anywhere and where many people walk dogs and don't pick up afterwards.  Maybe I stepped in something as I calmly walked akwardly ran to the bus? 

So I spent the remainder of my classical time-out morning trying to look at the soles of my shoes without bumping the poo lady off her seat.  I eventually had to wait until we both got off the bus to check.

Needless to say,  it wasn't me.


  1. haha.. good old public transport! Reminds me of a 3hr bus trip I had with my sis out to the riverland - a nanna was sitting behind us who also smelt like poo - we spent the whole trip smelling our lip-glosses trying to alleviate the stench!

  2. Ha ha, you almost had yourself convinced you were the culprit. Did it smell human like? No, I don't want to know!


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